Ragheb Harb Hospital

Pediatric Department

Who Are We? Making the kid’s Smile

Ragheb Harb Hospital, under the directionof the Iranian Red Crescent society, is a general private hospital located in the town of Toul, in the heart of Nabatieh and south Lebanon, officially opened its doorson 2003,starting with about 70 beds, now the total beds capacity exceeding 190.

The well designed Pediatric department includes:
  1. A regular floor of 35 beds headed by Dr Hyfaa EL-Moussawi, the average number of admission exceeds 3500 patients per year
  2. A level 3 NICU division, headed by Dr Hadi Fakih, it includes 12 incubators, fully equipped and five new Respirators, inhaled nitric oxide and we care of most complex neonatal congenital malformations that need surgery;the admission rate average 600 patients per years.
  3. A PICU of 2 beds, located within the adult ICU, establishedto provide care for most inpatient critical cases and high risk babies presenting to our ER.
The nursery located at the same floor of the obstetrics department, with an average of 200 newborns monthly.
Our pediatrician’s team, includes 6 full timer and more than 25 part timer physicians.
As subspecialty, we have a pediatric surgeon, pediatric cardiologist, pediatric hematologist and a pediatric neurologist, all are considered as part time consultants.


Since 2014, we are affiliated with the pediatric Department, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Lebanese University, we offer our pediatric Residents and Neonatology Fellows, a great opportunity to Practice the real clinical Pediatric and to accomplish the academic targets as required by scientific program recommended by the Lebanese university.

We have published a lot of scientific papers that surpassed 20th, with new medical researches, in different domain of Pediatric that should be upcoming in 2018.

Also we organized our first Neonatology Congress in 2017 in collaboration with the Lebanese Pediatric society, which will be held biannually.